Oh How I’d Love to Give a Piece of My Mind

Why do we travel? Well I would’ve thought it was to experience other cultures and lives that are different from our own.

Today I was doing some research, which is Grey Nomad speak for trawling WikiCamps for great spots to camp. For the uninitiated WikiCamps is a social media app that lists close to 30,000 places to camp in Australia and is the camper’s bible these days. During this ‘research’ I came across some poor confused soul’s comment that a particular Farm Stay didn’t have air conditioned toilets.

“Sunshine, considering that this place is dead smack in the middle of the outback and hundreds of kilometres from anywhere (and anywhere isn’t all that big either) you are bloody lucky that they even have toilets! And if I were the proprietor I’d give you a shovel and tell you where to go!”



10 thoughts on “Oh How I’d Love to Give a Piece of My Mind

    1. I think it’s about time that I went out and photographed what we call ‘Long Drops’. The rangers dig a whole so deep that it would reach China then put a plastic seat on top. They are most efficient as the flies do the composting but often the smell can be pungent.

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  1. 😂😂😂 love it! Good grief, what were they even doing going camping in the first place! The first time I went camping as a young girl, digging a hole in the right place was the first thing you learned to do – no toilets in open fields!


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