It’s a matter of how you look at it

Bravely we decide to do the self drive tour of Kingaroy, we came undone doing this in Charters Towers when Woody threatened to fling the talking CD out the car window. Anyway we do our best to follow the weird instructions which are as cryptic as a car trial.

Out past ex Queensland Premier Joe Bjelke Peterson’s Bethany property then back across town to the Mt Wooroolin lookout with its 360 degree view of the area. More intriguing than the view is the lookout structure itself. It is almost as though someone was trying to avoid building steps and instead created a ridiculously steep ramp. Old Joe would have said “Don’t you worry about that” as he was oft to say during his most ‘creative’ period of State management.

Off again to the Coral Street lookout for a closer view of the town. Uh oh, that ramp builder has been at it again but this one has a crazy lean to the left, which would be OK if you had one leg shorter than the other, perhaps. The view, well it would have been great… if the trees weren’t blocking most of it.

Mt Wooroolin, Kingaroy

3 thoughts on “It’s a matter of how you look at it

    1. That was the silly part about it, they must have had wheelchairs in mind but even a carer would have had trouble either pushing it up or controlling it on the way down. I’m imagining a tangled mess of people and wheelchair on the lawn below.

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