Love Thy Neighbour

I’ve just had a lady at the door trying to sell God to me. We haven’t had one of those in a long time more often than not it is an Indian student at the door trying to sell Energy, of the gas or electric kind. We produce our own solar electricity and I’m sure that with a few more lentil salads Woody could take care of our gas requirements. Anyway I bid her a good day and wished her luck in trying to find a buyer. At least she could laugh about the difficulty of her task.

Which got me to thinking…the Australian countryside is dotted with small and large sometimes neglected Christian churches, Wesleyan, Lutheran, Methodist, Presbyterian, Baptist and ‘The Micks’ up on the hill. There are sometimes almost unrecognisable mosques and Buddhist temples. Yes, we must have been quite focussed on religion in days gone by. As a child I was sent off to Sunday school ‘so that I could make up my own mind’ as our family only ever went to church for weddings and funerals. Friends swear that they were sent to Sunday school just so that their parents could have a little morning ‘hush makundi’ without the kids around.

Nowadays things are different. There is no great fuss about religion, more of a live and let live policy. Time and again one hears “I don’t care what their religion is as long as they don’t ram it down our throats.” That may sound a little uncouth but that is the way it is in this country. Some may protest about the building of a new mosque or temple but most are quietly in awe of the grandeur of its construction.

I once had a long chat with a Sydney taxi driver (dare I mention Sydney traffic?). He was from the Sub Continent and he explained how religion had been his total being but now as an Australian he felt that the Australian way of life was more important to him and his family. His religion, although still valued wasn’t as much so. He was a contented man.

Every religion on this earth is quite possibly represented here and those people are welcome and free to practise their religion in peace. As long as they don’t try to convert their neighbour that is, a beer and a barbie will do!

Broken Hill, NSW

6 thoughts on “Love Thy Neighbour

    1. I think it’s another example of that Aussie laid back attitude. We were talking over a family dinner the other night how things were in the fifties with the Catholics and Protestants. Everyone was defined as one or the other. Mixed marriages were talked about and my aunt had to wait outside the church when my parents were married as she was Catholic and not allowed to enter. It all sounds so stiff and unyielding compared to now and especially as I have a note on the fridge to visit the new National Mosque in Newport when it opens later this year. And the architect was non Muslim.


  1. After one of our little dogs bailed up some JWs they haven’t returned, lucky for us. You’re certainly right about the change in attitude, an admissions nurse once refused to accept I had no religion but was happy to accept, “Bush Baptist”. I’m with you on the live and let live principle.


    1. I haven’t heard Bush Baptist in years thanks for reminding me. We lived in the country when I was a kid and the local priest and minister would both do house calls. My lapsed Catholic Italian aunt would tell the priest that she was Protestant and the minister that she was Catholic.

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