The First Five Kilometres

The hardest, most difficult part of any journey, whether it is to be around the world or to the next state or county, is the first five kilometres.

Why? Because there are so many excuses, workload, family, medical appointments even household chores. Everything seems to suddenly escalate in importance. For those who work it often feels like it would be easier just to postpone the holiday because there are so many things that must be taken care of before you walk out the door. In my age group we often hear the complaint “but Mum why can’t you look after the kids?” The answer to that one is “Well dear because I’ll be dead soon and I would like to see something of this world first”.

Then there’s the extra effort to get your luggage packed up and off. What to wear and what to take for umpteen climates. If you’re the outdoors type then this may include the actual buying of a caravan and tow vehicle. But hey, embrace it as part of the adventure. I still can’t resist going to the biannual caravan show, checking out the new tents and the glam vans…It’s nearly time for the Autumn show too.

We found that once we had our first rig (car and caravan) ready to go we were scared to death to actually drive off, we were so new to it all. Finally we just had to make a date and stick to it. And guess what? Five kilometres down the road we really felt like we were heading off into the great unknown. The first night we collapsed in a heap from mental exhaustion and with a bottle of wine, but happy as larks. Each day we got better at it and we soon started to remember what to do and in what order without even consulting the checklist!

“Did we leave the tap on?”

“Nah, it’s all in your head, we’re on holidays.”

Is she still there?

7 thoughts on “The First Five Kilometres

  1. You make a very good point about those first five kilometers. There is a special thing about those last five returning kilometers if you still have a cave to return to. We still have our little apartment, those last five kilometers are sweet when my body is wound down.

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