It’s Not Just Your Life

Don’t waste your partner’s best years of life by continuing to work just because you don’t know what else to do in retirement. Down the tools, close the books, turn off the computer and walk out the door into … your new life. Be it big or small there’s a rig waiting out there for you and it’ll take you to places you’ve never heard of and will never forget. Yes, Gulargambone is calling you!

Source: Google Maps

8 thoughts on “It’s Not Just Your Life

  1. We know someone in exactly that position, he’e scared to retire because he’s scared of just being at home all the time. We keep encouraging him to make a plan. They even have a place in Portugal, I don’t know what he’s waiting for, it’s not as if he likes his job.

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    1. It doesn’t make sense they’re wasting their last good years for money they’ll have to spend repairing the health they are ruining with stress.
      Yet there are so many interesting things one can do or learn at little cost and so many fascinating people to share it with.

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    1. Yes good thanks Miriam. We actually tried to get there last winter but the road was closed by floods. But a lot of friends have raved about it. Apparently the little CP is so active and bubbly they are bringing the town back to life. They even cook for the guests.


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