How Not to Use a Camp oven

Our old mate Toothless Johnno has been at it again. Remember the guy who lost his tooth to a wattle bird last year? Toothless. And Scarce as hen’s teeth. Last week we were camped at a peaceful spot out in the bush. There was a good sized fire pit for us to cook on but Johnno, in his wisdom, decided we may need a little more cooking space so he added his camp oven to the hob. He’s a thoughtful guy you know.

Sometime later Johnno went to move the unused and very hot pot away from the fire and realised that he’d economically packed a few things in it before he left home. Just a few things, a plastic Aldi bag filled with firelighters! The bag was melted and the firelighters, well they were on the verge of exploding.

Do I smell kerosene?

Just warming ‘er up

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