Explaining the Aussie Parma

A meal in an Aussie pub has always been somewhere that one can get a decent steak with chips or a damned good roast. The fish and chips have always been a mainstay but in more recent times, over the last 20 years or so, there has been an interloper. The Parma.

Based on the Italian Veal Parmigiana the Aussie Parma has morphed into a square meal of grand proportions. It is best described as a flattened and crumbed chicken breast smothered in a tomato based sauce and topped with grilled cheese. Sometimes you may find a thin slice of ham lurking under the cheese. One of the tastier ones we’ve found was stuffed with prawns. A salad is always served on the side with plenty of chips. Now how could you beat that for a perfect meal, meat, potatoes and raw vegetables, surely the dieticians must champion a meal this healthy… of course there is the small matter of the deep frying. Bugger! Well it is close to the perfect meal though isn’t it?

In response to Margaret at From Pyrenees to Pennines https://margaret21.com/ for her inquiry “what is a parma?”

Parma at Kevington Hotel

16 thoughts on “Explaining the Aussie Parma

  1. Well, I’ll have to ask questions even more often! A blog post directed at me – I feel very honoured. Thank you. As to the matter of would I eat this though? Hmm. It sounds a bit, what can I say, calorie-rich. The carrot salad looks good though!


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