Granny’s Flat

Whilst camped at Skipworth Reserve just out of Jamieson, Vic the boys from the DSE (Dept of Sustainability and Environment) have lunch with us as they do their rounds of cleaning the park. They suggest that we check out Granny’s Flat camp ground out on the Licola Road so we do and a nicer spot would be hard to find but the track in is far too steep and winding for vans of our size. More suited to camper trailers. There are acres of lawn, pretty deciduous trees, two drop toilet blocks and fire pits. It is flanked by the Jamieson River and there is easy access for swimming and fishing. The Granny’s Flat turnoff is located on a good gravel road only a few minutes out of Jamieson. And camping is free.



9 thoughts on “Granny’s Flat

  1. not a big fan of the open field / lack of privacy but it doesnt look busy and that stream looks like a good fishing spot.. plus.. did I hear FREE ?


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