Do We Stay in Caravan Parks All the Time?

The answer is a resounding “No”. We usually stay in the place that offers the best taste of the area or town. Sometimes it depends on weather. If it is appallingly wet then a well maintained caravan park with a concrete slab outside our door is not to be sneezed at. We don’t have a diesel or gas heater fitted, so a caravan park with power for heating and of course the electric blanket can be awfully enticing during a cold snap.

In some towns there may be a local show ground with power and good facilities. These can be quite handy as they are usually only a short walk from the heart of town.

If we’re visiting a National Park well that too is where we’ll stay, though I must say prices and facilities vary greatly from state to state.

When we’re in the outback and hundreds of kilometres from anywhere we will always check if there is a farm stay in the vicinity as they never fail to provide us with a memorable experience.

Then there are the pubs that offer cheap or free camping. The only condition is that we pop in for a beer, but as Woody says “We’re weak bastards” and we always end up having dinner as well.

Camp grounds and reserves on rivers, creeks and beaches are always the best.

Without a doubt my least favourite has to be roadside rest area but sometimes there is no other choice and the aim is to get a good night’s sleep.

Glenlyon Recreation Reserve
Glenlyon Recreation Reserve

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