Summer’s Last Hurrah

The late summer weather in Melbourne has been superb this year. Warm sunny days that just make you say “Ah”. A few Saturdays back we parked the car at the western end of the Yarra River and just strolled the south bank of the river until lunch beckoned. Over a glass of wine and a plate of tapas we marvelled at just how much our city has evolved in our own lifetimes. How an industrial river flanked by factories and wharves has emerged like a butterfly to become a bright and colourful city. The factories have been replaced with office towers, hotels and apartments. The old wooden wharf buildings are now cafes and restaurants. Lawns and gardens have replaced asphalt. And playful bridges now span the river. Our city is indeed as bright and colourful as its people, its food and its art…and its sport.


12 thoughts on “Summer’s Last Hurrah

  1. What an interesting looking place! Meanwhile, as we look forward to summer, lengthening days and sunshine, you’re having to run in the opposite direction. But I guess it won’t get too wintry for you any time soon.


  2. That is unusual for Melbourne to have nice weather! Do you get that comment all the time? My partner is from Melbourne and people always comment about the terrible weather in your parts and he gets his back up every time!


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