Java Blues

West Coast winter 2015

When not staying in caravan parks we are constantly aware of our consumables. The water tanks give us about four days. Gas for cooking, fridge and hot water is quite cheap and lasts for ages. Solar panels power our lights and gadgets and there is plenty of sun this time of year. But our greatest concern is good roasted coffee! We carry an espresso machine for when we have 240volt power and an Italian stove top pot for free camping. We left Melbourne with enough roasted coffee to get us to Perth. We got great coffee in Dunsborough near Margaret River and again in Perth where we stocked up for the Broome leg of the trip. But being a two cup a day girl and Woody’s background in coffee we find ourselves struggling now that we’re rationed to one cup per day. Horror upon horror we’re going to have to buy pre-packaged coffee in Port Hedland to get us through!

Dome Coffee, Port Hedland
Saved… Dome Coffee have an outlet in Port Hedland
Kimberley Coffee Company
Saved again…Kimberley Coffee Company delivered fresh beans to our caravan in Broome.

12 thoughts on “Java Blues

  1. Ha has, good old Dome! Pretty good outlets really, and their coffee is not too bad. But our favourite coffee came from Yahava in Margaret River, a small roaster/blender with quite a busy outlet on the Bussel Highway just south of town. In fact, we still buy our coffee from them (via post) and they have delivered to us in Broome as well as Melbourne!


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