Up Shit Creek

Sheep shit, possum poop, duck droppings, kangaroo crap and wombat whoopsies are part of life when you’re on the road. It’s a veritable frenzy of fertiliser out there a sewerage stew. The worst part is that these feathered and furry friends seem to want you to take some home with you. The soles of your shoes become crusted in the stuff and that is why in every camp, across the length and breadth of this fair country, you will hear an exasperated woman shouting to her beloved “get your bloody shoes off!”

Blissfully foraging
Then happily sitting and shitting on our step

2 thoughts on “Up Shit Creek

  1. Shit and shoes seem to go together. I recall as a youngster on the farm, grandfather had a piece of a plow lathe, the sharp edge up buried in the cement at the front door. You could stand there and scrape the shit off your shoes very easy. I thought that was a very ingenious, dear grandma probably came up with it. Pig shit was a lot more aromatic, as I recall, cow pies were everywhere.


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