Trotting along and dragging a leg

The Morisset Showgrounds just north of Sydney make for an easy and economical stop on the Central Coast. Loads of grass and spotless amenities and you can back up to the trotting track if you wish. Managed by cheery Jason and Kylie who are both experienced caravaners and understand the needs of their guests. Jason lights a campfire in the evening for a yarn and there’s always the big shed for shelter from the rain.

On a bright clear Sydney morning we chat with a 65 year old ‘on Panadol nowadays’ horse trainer and the trotter that he is training, a gleaming black horse named Glen Innes Boy. He bids us farewell as he is off to Sydney with the missus to take a dinner cruise on the harbour on a tall ship. It’s about then that I realise that I haven’t even combed my hair this morning and it is sticking up all over the place. Does this mean that I’m relaxed?

As we roll out of the park Jason and Kylie chase us shouting. Bloody hell we’ve left one van leg down and it’s ploughing up their driveway. A little too relaxed I’d say!

Morisset SG
Morisset Showground
Glen Innes Boy
Glen Innes Boy

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