Miner’s Memorial, Broken Hill

Miners Memorial Broken Hill
Miners Memorial, Broken Hill, NSW

5 thoughts on “Miner’s Memorial, Broken Hill

  1. I had to look it up and see if it was a silver mine or a gold mine. We have a gold mine in Arizona that goes down an inclined shaft a very unusual mine.

    Broken Hill is an isolated mining city in the far west of outback New South Wales, Australia. It is near the border with South Australia on the crossing of the Barrier Highway (A32) and the Silver City Highway (B79), in the Barrier Range


    1. Oh you have done your homework haven’t you 🙂 it is a most unusual town. About 300kms from the nearest large town and mining silver lead and zinc. Broken Hill proprietary limited or BHP has been responsible for a serious amount of Australia’s financial growth. The town itself is an enormous mine under the desert and art above as miners like Pro Hart used art as an escapism from their life underground. This created an artistic movement. In my mind it is possibly one of our most iconic towns yet most Australians probably haven’t been there. It would go down as one of our favourites.


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