Turn left will ya darl?

Woody decided to change the voice on our poor misguided Gabbi Garmin GPS. We no longer have a confused English woman travelling with us. Instead we jump in fright every time she speaks. Why? Well this one has a broad Aussie accent and it sounds like we’ve got a mate sitting in the back seat. I’m voting to bring back the Pommie sheila.

Our Gabbi, complete with Blue Tac

9 thoughts on “Turn left will ya darl?

      1. We’ve always been put off because our long avenue has bollards across halfway to stop boy racers and whenever we try to give people directions they always say, oh it’s ok, we have a sat nav – and it always takes them to the wrong side of the bollards and then we have to go rescue them!


  1. I love it. Your natty little GPS voice caught your attention immediately, if not sooner. We don’t have a GPS locator, we never get very far away from our little hut anymore. This vehicle we’re now driving had OnStar installed on it when we bought it, we don’t use it, but one night we were driving home late. I asked my wife to turn on the overhead light and she pushed the OnStar button instead, this woman’s voice started screaming in my ears, wanting to know what our trouble was. I just about ran off the road, trying to shut it off!


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