Lychgate, Forth Cemetery

I’m forever fascinated by the pioneer cemeteries of this country and this one in the North West of Tasmania is no exception. Especially on a dark and chilly wintry day.

Forth cemetery 2
Forth Cemetery

And who wouldn’t be intrigued as to the life of Colonel James Robert Fulton, late of Madras? Where was he born England or in India and what drew him to Tasmania?

13 thoughts on “Lychgate, Forth Cemetery

    1. I’ve been to Port Arthur but haven’t been out to the island. That would be the 1800’s. I found the place most unsettling and the hairs stood up on the back of my neck and that was long before the more recent tourist massacre in 1996 when 35 innocent people were killed.


  1. Can you imagine all of the huge stones that were moved on a stone boat pulled by oxen, possibly donkeys or horses? The art of using crowbars and Leverage was well-known by those Stone Movers.


    1. Gee I hadn’t thought of that Leland. One would guess horses or bullocks down here. Though in Tasmania they would have had the ‘assistance’ of convicts to do the heavy work. Which is probably why Tassie has the grandest stone houses in the country.


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