In praise of heated seats

Normally when one travels north or south, east or west the brain tries to keep up, anticipating when the sun will rise or set. Throw in diagonal journeys and one gets utterly confused. A drink and a few laughs at Happy Hour and we’re left wondering where the hell the sun went and so quickly.If that’s not hard enough on the mind the body takes a battering from trying to acclimatise to weather zones that change as fast as we drive. On the NSW north coast we suffered constant heavy rain like nothing that we’re used to in Melbourne (a place that is known for it’s rain where in fact it has a low rainfall). On the Sunshine Coast hinterland we experienced day after day where the temperature rocketed from zero to low 20’s in the space of a few hours and we spent most of our time just changing our clothes. Then came an icy blast that caught us just north of the Snowy Mountains where they are having wonderful? dumps of snow and our only option is to keep driving as the car just happens to be warmer than the van!

Ducks on the lake

One thought on “In praise of heated seats

  1. And I thought we had it bad with our lame 4 seasons in one day summer, where you get up in a morning and have no idea what to put on because you know that by the end of the day you will have had to change clothes three times!

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