There’s Stacks to see in Gulgong

Most people soak up the history in Gulgong, admiring the well kept old buildings, the shop verandahs, the convict built gutter stones, the quaint picket fenced cottages. Most people soak up the history, it was the childhood home of poet Henry Lawson, it was the town featured on the first $10 note.

Not us. Vee had assured us that one of the best $2 shops exists in the basement below the local supermarket. And you know what? She’s right. We spent an hour trawling the shelves in Stacks buying soaps, a new roasting fork and macrame cotton as we listened to the footsteps of the grocery shoppers above our heads.

Historic Gulgong, NSW…nice gutters




3 thoughts on “There’s Stacks to see in Gulgong

  1. Isn’t Stacks THE best shop to get lost in? It’s like discovering those crammed to the rafters old habidasheries in old country towns. They’re a tourist attraction in themselves- well, for this tourist at least.


    1. Have you been to the Restorer’s Barn in Castlemaine? I dread to think how they do stock takes. If you need one fork from grandma’s cutlery set they’ll have it. Hurricane lamps, porcelain knobs, doors. Well worth an hour or two.


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