FIFO Travellers

You know the ones and we’re all guilty, they fly in for a few days then fly home and talk forever about when they ‘did’ Rome or Mauritius. Or the cruise ships that once stayed several days in port but these days only give passengers 6 or 8 hours to see a city in its entirety.

Oh dear as I write this Woody has just stripped naked and dunked himself in the river! Thinks he’s 17 not 71. Now where was I? Yes, 6 hours in port “Oh yes, we did Barcelona, Kyoto or Vancouver.”

The antithesis of this is to hitch up and slowly work your way across the country camping on beaches, sitting beside rivers and propping in small towns getting to know the locals over a beer or a coffee and learning that they once worked hauling gravel where you are now camped or that their cat likes a scratch behind the ear or their dog answers to ‘puss puss’. Now that’s travel.

Police Paddocks, Rutherglen

13 thoughts on “FIFO Travellers

  1. Know exactly what you mean. Always have to bite my tongue when I hear ‘ we did Rome’ or ‘we’ve done France’ ! Very very irritating. we’re slow travellers ourselves and we’ve never ‘done’ anywhere.


  2. I agree, it doesn’t matter how long you stay there’s always something changing and more to see. Much more sense to say you’ve been there that gives people a chance to share their experiences if they have too.

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