Wooroonook Lakes

Summer 2018

The Wooroonook Lakes are about 14kms west of Charlton and an oasis in the wheat belt. A long sloping stretch of sand allows for fairly level camping using ramps and there are two vans already in residence when we arrive. Another two have complete solitude in the distance on the far shore.

The occasional car passes and $15 in the honesty box pays for power and water. Coots splash about. Magnificent pairs of white necked herons soar back and forth to grazing spots, their underwings dappled grey and white. We see magpies, wood ducks, galahs, swallows, ibis, wagtails, white faced herons, mud larks, whistling kites, cormorants and pelicans and I don’t even start to identify the smaller birds.

Thus we spend our afternoon El Prado and I lost in a trance watching the birds whilst Woody watches parliament on the TV and Elle catches up with Married at First Sight. Each to his own.

Wooroonook Lakes
Wooroonook Lakes, Vic
Plenty of room at Wooroonook Lakes

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