A Change of Season

Dartmoor, Vic. March 2018

We crawl into bed anxious as it is expected to rain heavily overnight yet it is still 28˚ at 9:30pm. We leave every window and hatch open to get some relief. Lightning flashes for hours, then thunder rolls with a sprinkle of rain. Damn another false alarm. Another hour goes by and it starts to rain properly. I bounce out of bed and close everything up, pull on a t shirt and balance myself acrobatically outside to shut the door, getting wet in the process. Then it stops. Bugger, we’ll just have to put up with the heat. Then down it comes and rains heavily for hours, aah.

We wake to a world washed clean with eucalyptus and smelling as strong as if you’d put your nose in a bottle of eucalyptus oil and breathed in deeply. I’ve never smelt it so strong before. Fog hangs in the gullies, it is autumn and it is beautiful.

Misty farmland, Dartmoor


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