It’s One Big Picnic

I’ve always, always loved picnics. A picnic is one of life’s great pleasures and it’s almost free. Whether it’s a simple sandwich and a bottle of water or home baked quiches, pates, salads and crusty bread enjoyed with a glass of wine it’s all about enjoying the outdoors. It could be in a park, beside a river or on the coast it doesn’t matter because it’s about nature and fresh air.

With a caravan, when you find that perfect picnic spot you’ve already got your ‘picnic basket on wheels’ with you. There are goodies in the fridge, wine and beer on ice, a BBQ and best of all a fluffy bed to fall into when the fresh air wears you out.

Lincoln National Park, SA

6 thoughts on “It’s One Big Picnic

  1. WOW! What a view!

    It always makes me smile when you see people parked up in a layby next to a major road, sometimes with picnic chairs, tables THE WORKS, enjoying their picnic; seasoned with traffic noise and fumes!

    Or is that just a UK thing?


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