Here’s one for Lyn from Lynz Real Cooking. And thanks to her question I’ve had a wonderful morning learning about the habits of Australian freshwater crustaceans and I now live in fear that a colony of Western Australian Marron that happen to be living in a reservoir which, though not named must be close to where I live, will escape and eat or mate with our Victorian Yabby population. Heaven forbid!

“Yabbies are cannibalistic and death due to larger yabbies eating smaller ones is extremely common. aquablueseafoods.com.authanks for finding that information Google!

In my experience the Victorian yabby is a meaty little guy, easy to catch, lives in most dams and rivers and tastes pretty good. Up north you’ll find the Queensland Red Claw which I’ve seen caught but am yet to taste. The WA Marron is larger, absolutely delicious and farmed for sales primarily to restaurants.

Now all I’d like to know is the name of that reservoir so that I can get those Marron into a pot quick smart! Got any recipes Lyn?

Queensland Red Claw trying to make a fast getaway

6 thoughts on “Yabbies

    1. A bit like crabs if you hold them where they can’t reach your fingers. The little boy holding that one was on holiday from London so he would have had plenty to tell the kids when he got back to school.


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