Lincoln National Park

With a picnic lunch packed we head south from Port Lincoln to the Lincoln National Park just across the bay. Horse Rock Camp Ground has a caravan perfectly positioned on the shore.

Horse Rock Camp Ground

Below Stamford Hill there is an interesting beach worthy of a walk for the unusual and unknown sea creatures with little periscopes sticking up out of the sand and the views of Port Lincoln. In 1802 Matthew Flinders’ crew climbed this hill in search of water which they located at what is now Tulka. Just looking at the track up was enough for us.

Lincoln National Park, SA
Lincoln National Park, SA
Lincoln National Park, SA

We drove around the campground at Surfleet Cove and passed judgement on which park we thought was best. It is a camping area that has been well thought out. Other than a few small birds and those sea creatures with periscopes we see no other wildlife but it is the middle of the day. The vegetation is not unlike Mallee Scrub and has a rather stark appearance.

Preferring to stay on bitumen roads we leave the park and pass Sleaford Mere (what a fine name that is) which is a small salt lake and visit stunning Sleaford Bay. The ocean is multiple shades of blue, tiny succulents cling to the limestone cliffs and the ocean is invigorating.

Sleaford Bay, SA
Sleaford Bay, SA

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