Streaky Bay Islands Caravan Park

Our bunch of Grey Nomads have three adjoining sites at Streaky Bay Islands Caravan Park in South Australia and we’re mighty thankful as a long weekend is coming up. “The Islands” park is only a year old and about 4kms north west of town. It is sensibly planned with spacious gravel sites overlooking the bay and room enough for a boat beside your car and van. As well there are 5 stunning private bathrooms contained within a lovely bathroom building complete with piped music, potted plants and pictures on the walls. There are two of these bathroom complexes in the park. What a delight for young Mum’s with kids to scrub. They have to be the best caravan park bathrooms in Australia but I’m not going to show you pictures of them as everyone who has put a post on WikiCamps has already done that.

There are two beaches for swimmers as well as fishermen and some tiny offshore islands. The park is solar powered and creates its own water from a desalination plant. There is WIFI that actually works, but only from the airconditioned comfort of the games room which is quite acceptable. There is an icy cold salt pool, a licensed shop with reasonably priced beers and wines and what looks to be a future café in the making. This park is class and quality all the way, right down to the perfumed hand soap but sadly for Woody and Elle no TV reception. We must remember though that we are half way across Australia.

Streaky Bay Islands Caravan Park, spacious sites, water views and first class amenities!

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