Seacliff Surf Club

One of the great advantages of staying at the Brighton Caravan Park in Adelaide is watching the sun set from the deck of the Seacliff Surf Club next door. We’ve been longing for a good meal of fish and chips since we left Port Lincoln and here we can just walk through the gate to a modern clubhouse with a million-dollar view. The fish and chips are delicious and because we’re from the caravan park we get a discount and because it’s happy hour we get free drinks. Oh, this place is so welcoming. As the sun sets we watch club members paddle out to the markers in Holdfast Bay. Tiny waves break on the shore and a young couple eat their fish and chips on the sand. Seagulls wait for them to have their fill. People photograph the sunset from the deck and I grizzle because I left the camera in the van.

Seacliff, SA
Seacliff Surf Club, SA

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