An all too brief stop in Mt Gambier

Autumn 2018

We find the best coffee of this whole trip made by a passionate and caring female barista. The city is gearing up for the Fringe Festival and kids are on their knees chalk drawing on the footpaths while sound engineers are hanging speakers in trees. They’re testing the music and the Jazz is sounding good.

We hang over the lookout of the inner-city Cave Gardens and Woody says that he couldn’t live here because he’d be worried about a sink hole opening up in the backyard. Oh for God’s sake!

A Book Shop sign says ‘Easter eggs have been recalled, bring them in here for safe disposal.” I’m liking this town more and more.

Once again in search of fuel we find a Woolies Caltex with cheap prices and Woody does some creative driving amongst locals and a bunch of hot rods. I’m quite sure that my little mobile kitchen is about to be wrapped around a diesel pump. If that’s not enough, we then do a second lap around the servo to exit via the wider ‘entry’ driveway which is now jammed with anxious bargain hunters.

Can we come back here again? I’ve got some unfinished business.

Caves in the heart of the city – Cave Gardens, Mt. Gambier, SA

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