Robe Lakeside Tourist Park

We arrive at Robe Lakeside Tourist Park in Robe, SA to find that we have donated yet another water filter to our last caravan park. I do hope someone thanks us on WikiCamps it was a good one. We chose this park over the beachside one as we wanted some shelter if the wind were to ‘pick up’ again. Out front is historic Lakeside Manor and the limestone stables are the camp office. Our site is sunny and backs onto foam fringed Lake Fellmongery. The unpowered area faces the lake and is tucked in amongst the shady Ti tree. The other side of the campground faces Lake Charra. Everyone has grassy sites and all are well sheltered by century old trees. This is a park that one could relax in for a week or more.

Thus, I’m now sitting outside having a chilled wine beside a lake that was once used for washing sheep fleeces. Legend has it that a ship (one of many) was wrecked in Guichen Bay. It’s cargo of wool was washed in the lake. When the wool eventually made it to England it fetched a higher price than expected. From that time on the lake was used for wool washing, hence the name Fellmongery. Ironically, today the shoreline is draped in white fluffy balls of foam drift from the windy weather.

And the history of Lakeside Manor? Well it was built in the 1880’s by a labourer who washed wool in the lake. Gee, that must have paid well, I hear you say. Probably not but George Danby inherited the estate of the Earl of Danby. Upon hearing of his good fortune he was heard to say “I shall never need to work again boys.” He returned to England and purchased the best of furnishings and supplies to build his 72 square Lakeside Manor beside Lake Fellmongery. It was constructed of the iconic local limestone.

For more information about this charming home and the curious life of George go to

Lakeside Manor
Lakeside Manor, Robe, SA
Stables and caravan park office, Lakeside Manor
Lake Fellmongery, Robe, SA
Powered area Lakeside Tourist Park
Unpowered area Lakeside Tourist Park

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