A Bomb Proof Dunny

As there is only one small store in Bramston Beach where we are staying we drive into Babinda for newspapers (yes, Woody is an old fashioned kind of guy). Babinda is a typical Queensland town with mainly wooden Queenslander houses, a large wooden pub and a colourful cafe bursting to the seams with people having Sunday breakfast. The breakfast looks good.

There is a rather solid concrete toilet block in the park. The sign says that it was originally built as an air raid shelter in 1942. I guess if it can withstand a bomb it can handle a good dose of the shits!

Nice thick walls

6 thoughts on “A Bomb Proof Dunny

  1. Now WHY don’t they have these in Egypt? (Backside like a firehose! Although it was unsurprising since the hotel that we stayed in had no water most of the time, so NOBODY including the chefs, could wash their hands – or the dishes! There were insects waving their legs defiantly in the salads and a cat licking the desserts. I had to flush the loo with buckets of water stolen from the swimming pool. Mind you, the windsurfing was AWESOME! That said, I am not 100% sorry that with four dogs and a caravan, those days of roughing it in hotels are behind me!)


      1. I’m with you on that. And sometimes, in a caravan, you get the best seat in the house! Looking at some of your photos, you have been as fortunate as us to camp in some stunningly beautiful places; next to lakes, in the forest, by the ocean. If I won the lottery, I wouldn’t trade!


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