When life gives you cumquats…

Anyone who has followed this blog for any length of time will realise that we rather enjoy our food.

So, when our camp host Judy at Warrego Riverside Tourist Park in Cunnamulla, Qld requested that we use some of her garden produce we raced into town, bought a bottle of brandy (that was the hard part, apparently it’s out of fashion, anyone for Aperol?) and threw ourselves into making cumquat brandy. Here is the improvised recipe:

30 Cumquats

2¼ cups Sugar

700mls Brandy

Normally one would prick the skins with a needle and preserve the fruit whole but this being a ‘caravan recipe’ and with no wide mouth jars to hand we emptied a couple of wine bottles and cut the fruit into halves to be able to fit them into the narrow necked bottles.

Now our two bottles of Cumquat Brandy are riding happily around the countryside slowly ageing, hopefully to perfection.

Warrego Riverside Tourist Park
Warrego Riverside Tourist Park
Cumquat Brandy getting ready to age gracefully

13 thoughts on “When life gives you cumquats…

  1. That’s a park we have on our “revisit” list. Had not long opened when we stayed and we were impressed. And that was despite the inch or so of overnight rain that turned all to a sea of red mud! I did not envy whoever had to clean the amenity building……


  2. I just have to share with you an excerpt from this poem by Tony Harrison which achieved the nefarious glory of appearing in ‘Pseud’s Corner’ in Punch Magazine, due to the rave review given to it by some critic;

    “For however many kumquats that I eat
    I’m not sure if it’s flesh or rind that’s sweet,
    and being a man of doubt at life’s mid-way
    I’d offer Keats some kumquats and I’d say:
    You’ll find that one part’s sweet and one part’s tart:
    say where the sweetness or the sourness start.”

    If I had penned that, I would be so happy. There are about another 6 pages in praise of Kumquats and John Keats!

    Maybe cumquat brandy was the inspiration…?!


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