We were at Ilfracombe June 2018

Because the RV repairman lives in Ilfracombe and our fridge is on the blink we have booked into our old favourite the Ilfracombe Caravan Park. We roll on in feeling like we’ve come home and who should be staying next door at the Wellshot Pub but our mates TnT (Gawd, I thought we left them behind in Warracknabeal, Vic a month or two back) who are visiting with the ‘Country Pub Camping’ Facebook group. We catch up for drinks in the pub ‘beer garden’ and meet the illustrious Jackie B the founder of the incredibly successful Country Pub Camping group.

A few days earlier whilst chatting away in the car we said we must catch up with Queensland mates C & S when in Mackay. Walking next door to the Wellshot for drinks with TnT and their crew we hear a shout and who should it be but C & S and C’s sister (we all went to school together). Blimey does this caravanning world get any crazier or is it just a great big school reunion on wheels?

A couple of days later with the fridge fixed (or so we think) we say our farewells and drive out of the park. But wait, there’s a woman running after us waving her arms. Crickey! It’s R with hubby in hot pursuit. We last saw them in Streaky Bay, SA in March! And taking the tally to three couples plus a Facebook Group that we’ve stumbled upon in this tiny town.

Footnote: If you love camping and you want to stay at and support friendly country pubs then visit the CountryPubCamping website and follow them on Facebook they’re a great bunch https://countrypubcamping.com/

There’s not much sticker space left on the old ukulele case now

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