Dr Mays Island

Dr Mays Island sits at the mouth of the Elliott River at Elliott Heads near Bundaberg, Qld. Once a part of the mainland what was Dr Mays farm eventually became isolated.

It is a treat to watch the ebb and flow of the tide and the patterns that are created in the sand here. There is very little vegetation on the island, a palm, a prickly pear and a few other shrubs cling to this mere hummock. Ground cover plants grasp the crowns of the dunes.

Aug 2018

“At low tide and with shoes happily in hand I walk across the expansive sands to the island that is closed to the public in the warmer months as it is a breeding ground for migratory birds. Very tired birds who have flown all the way from Siberia.”

Elliott Heads, Dr Mays Island on left
A little wading and sand between the toes
Ground covers cling to the dunes


Elliott Heads Google Earth
This image from Google Earth best displays the shifting sands and the situation of the island at the mouth of the river

10 thoughts on “Dr Mays Island

    1. You got me going Lyn I know we have migratory bird routes on either side of the country but I thought Iā€™d read up on it. Found this interesting snippet from our ABC News site: In 2007, a female bar-tailed godwit was tracked flying 11,680 kilometres from Alaska to New Zealand in nine days straight. It is the longest recorded bird flight on the planet.
      Now that is one tired bird.

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