A Birthday on the Road

Winter 2018, Midge Point, Qld

Leaving Ayr we stop for seafood at Arabon Seafoods on the wharf in Bowen then scoot down to Proserpine. From there it’s only a short drive to Midge Point which we are assured is not named after sandflies.

There’s a take away store, a tavern and a lot of well mown lawns, a few hundred neat holiday houses with tractors out front and tucked into paperbark bushland is an oasis of a Caravan Park.

We have a large site with views across paperbark and palm studded lawns to the beach. Overhead the kookaburras laugh a lot and we can hear the sea. The wide flat beach stretches forever and islands dot the horizon. It has to be a half kilometre walk out to the surf even though it’s nearing high tide.

This is a fishermen’s paradise and around the fire pit the regulars have their favourite spot we feel a little like the new kids in school. Especially as we don’t even fish. But they are a happy bunch and everyone has a story of a big Mackerel.

It is a pleasantly warm evening and there are no insects so with the ritzy tablecloth out and candles lit we eat our prawns and Moreton Bay bugs under the awning, a perfect end to a perfect birthday, but where on earth did Woody find that bottle of French champagne?

Midge Point, Qld
Plenty of beach to explore
A patch of paradise

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