You’ve just gotta love Queensland pubs

I have a soft spot for architecture of all types. I’m fascinated with the way housing developed differently in each state and territory of Australia to adapt to the climate and needs in each area. The soft beauty of the sandstone of Sydney, the formality of the smooth grey basalt of Melbourne. The rows of city terraces, the sprawling farmhouses and in Launceston the pretty weatherboard homes that cling to the hillsides of the city.

Queensland has its own inimitable style the large houses with wide verandas perched squarely on tall stilts with dozens of windows to catch every breeze, but it’s the pubs that bring a feeling of welcome.

Big, sprawling, one or two storeyed with wide verandas offering the choice of a beer outside yet in the shade. Solid weatherboards, with ‘their bones showing’, structural beams always on the outside. Doors left open for the warm breezes to flow through, timber floors and steep staircases leading up to rooms that are rarely used nowadays. There’s something comfortable and homely about the way old wooden Queensland pubs are built.

14 thoughts on “You’ve just gotta love Queensland pubs

  1. I’m with you I love the different architecture from state to state. Coming from the driest state where every drop of rain is important, we couldn’t get our head around houses that had no gutters on the roof. That was until we experienced tropical downpours!


  2. That was interesting. Somehow, I’d never thought of Australia as having regional architecture, but of course it must have. Must drop by for a drink in one of those pubs sometime!


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