An Open Letter to the newly retired

You’ve just retired, bought a caravan and want to travel Australia? Here are a few things to ponder:

  • Your time is short, make the most of it. If you get the chance to see something or go somewhere, do it. You may not get another chance.
  • Don’t rush. You no longer have to be back at work next week or next month. You probably don’t have to be anywhere. Take your time and explore.
  • Each year you will feel your energy and strength slipping away. On the other hand RV’ers are happier and healthier than those who stay at home to await the inevitable.
  • Do the long trips first. If you have an inkling to do ‘The Big Lap’, go now while you’re up to the long drives. The short trips can come later.
  • Visit the National Parks that require walking and climbing while you still have your own knees.
  • Chat to everyone you meet. Take it from me, a shy person (the Blogosphere isn’t called the Introvert’s Playground for nothing!), put away your inhibitions and talk to your fellow campers, the publicans and the people on the street. You will learn much more from them than the guide books and glossy tourist brochures.
  • While on the subject, visit Info Centres. Most towns have them and the government has gone to a lot of trouble to promote tourism. They have helpful staff, maps, caravan parking, clean toilets and often fresh water taps so you can top up your tanks.
  • If you are a couple, then share the driving. It makes sense, its safer and you both should be able to handle the rig if one is under the weather.

The Must See things

Horizontal Falls, we didn’t go because it was expensive. Our mates all say the experience was worth every cent.

Uluru, it is awesome, it is spiritual and it is big but please don’t climb it.

Paronella Park, the historic gardens near Innisfail. We looked over from the suspension bridge and wondered what the fuss was about. At every Happy Hour since folks have waxed lyrical about seeing it twice, both day and night!

Cooktown, a glimpse of Colonial Queensland, get there before the developers do.

Broome, some say it’ll never be what it was in the old pearling days, but it is still a unique blend of cultures in a stunning landscape.

The Outback, a hard one to describe as no one can tell you where the Outback starts but you only know when you are there. For us Western Queensland has a warmth and I’m not talking about the hot baking sun. Friendly towns like, Cunnamulla, Longreach, Winton, Charleville, Quilpie. For others it’s The Alice, The Kimberley. Not forgetting Katherine which I found hard to leave and The Pilbara where one can drive for days on end without seeing any sign of human intervention other than the bitumen road, yet the sheer beauty of the landscape is enough to reduce anyone to tears.

Karijini National Park, it’s not on everyone’s list because it is hard to get there and it’s really only for campers and RV’ers. To my mind this place should be considered as one of the World’s Natural Wonders.

The Kimberley, a huge and diverse area, Purnululu National Park, Lake Argyle, the historic port towns of Derby and Wyndham and the beauty and diversity of modern Kununurra.

The list is endless but these are places that it are harder to get to by other means.

So, what’s stopping you? Download a copy of WikiCamps, hitch ‘er up  and hit the road, Australia is waiting.

Feel like a dip? Fern Pool, Karijini National Park, WA

24 thoughts on “An Open Letter to the newly retired

  1. You took the words right out of my mouth! I too missed the Horizontal Falls because of the cost – big mistake! But a great excuse to journey west again 😎 . I did go to Paronella Park and like everyone else would highly recommend the experience. And the Outback – well for a city girl who loves the coast I just can’t get enough of that dry red dust. I would love to share your thoughts on my blog if that’s ok?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I agree with every word and to me the best of all tip is DO THE BIG TRIP FIRST. We did and it was the experience of a lifetime. Yes talk to everyone, take your time, follow those side roads, explore, take lots of photos, so many memories need jogging later. I’ve been to all those places you mention. Kununurra the kimberley 3 times and I would class as my top experience, but then so are all the others. A truly magnificent country we are blessed to call home. I do enjoy your posts and revisiting the many places you take us too. 🥂🍾 cheers to many more happy hours and safe travel


  3. Sounds like great advice and you’re so right to get out and do things whilst you still can. The years catch up with us don’t they? The only person stopping you getting out there is yourself.


  4. Spot on Lindsey! Great suggestions. For us, the Kimberley was our favourite destination, specially the GRR and Broome, oh and Derby, we loved Derby. We were lucky enough to do the Horizontal Falls, probably our favourite “paid” attraction. I reckon I’d add Ningaloo to that list of not to miss places and definitely a swim with the whale sharks. Darwin deserves a few weeks stopover too. And our beloved south west WA………….I could go on and on!
    Like our friend Rosemary, I’d like to reference this in my blog sometime soon if that’s OK.


    1. Feel free to Bob. You know the list just goes on ‘cos I forgot Broken Hill and then there’s Lightning Ridge and we adored Ningaloo. Derby and Wyndham are not on most people’s list but we just loved both.


  5. Loved your list. I’ve ticked off most places, and it’s hard to pick a favourite. I definitely love all the top end,and that little island at the very bottom. Hard to believe it’s still part of Australia, it’s like a different country. There’s a few places on your list that we haven’t seen. Next time round perhaps!


  6. Love this list . We set off in May this year for the Big all the way around trip and all these places are on our list including Wyndham and Derby so looks like we are on the right track with plotting where to go. Thanks for the tips also.
    We haven’t retired just yet but will take our time anyway


  7. Love this, well done. It sounds like great advice to me. Although I’m not retired just yet it’s on the cards soon. I found myself nodding along to your tips or making mental notes about places yet to visit.


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