Get orf the road

If you want to see the best of what Australia has to offer get off the beaten track and for the non off-roaders I don’t necessarily mean hitting the dirt, just take the lesser roads. The B and C category roads that will take you through farmlands and tiny towns that need the support of visitors. You’ll have a much easier drive as the scenery is more interesting and you won’t have to contend with traffic and large trucks. Explore the valleys too. Take a wander into the Ovens Valley, the Kiewa, the Upper Goulburn, the Murray, the Mitta Mitta and King Valleys in Victoria.  The Barossa, Kangaroo Valley, Pioneer Valley and The Swan. There are hundreds of them, follow the rivers and find the secret places away from the tourist traps. Explore the old mining towns like Sofala and Kapunda and drop into a pub for yarn at places like Dargo and Woods Point.

pano mt beauty
Kiewa Valley from Mongans Bridge, Vic

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