Elliott Heads

Winter 2018, Elliott Heads, Qld

A short drive east from Bundaberg through cane fields, sweet potatoes, zucchini and strawberries to Elliott Heads.

The Elliott Heads Holiday Park is on a point. A gentle curve of ocean beach on the northern side and to the south, the wide sandy estuary of the Elliott River and a grassy mound with one palm and some prickly pear that is known as Dr Mays Island at its mouth. The town is not grand. It could best be described as a comfortably relaxed holiday haven.  There are no shops, one milk bar, a beach cafe and a bowls club and that’s pretty much the sum of it!

Elliott Heads Holiday Park has been a different stay for us as it is more of a family holiday park. The park is a bit of a shambles with camp sites squeezed in wherever possible and sandy unmade roadways but the new amenities block and the beach location make up for its shortcomings. The sites are wedged in without room to escape in an emergency. Our rellies are directly behind us with no hope of leaving before we do. But we do have a spacious area between us to relax in and a tree to give us shade.

There are delightful cliff top walks for kilometres in either direction with sea and sand to gaze upon.

During our stay here we’ve had perfect weather, no wind, no rain, warm sunny days and cool nights. What more could one ask for? Oh, ok a concrete slab would be nice.

Sunrise Elliott Heads, Qld
Elliott Heads, Qld
Dr Mays Island, Qld

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