Some caravan fridges like to be level

Feb 2019, Jamieson, Vic

A friend’s daughter joined us last week in her new second-hand Jayco Starcraft pop top. It’s a perfect van for her and her young son to enjoy the fun of camping in the bush the same way that she did when she was younger.

It was their first trip, a kind of shakedown to make sure that everything works the way that it should. She quickly setup and the van proved easy to handle for one adult, except for one thing. The fridge wouldn’t start on gas. Oh boy, do we know what that feels like!

After making sure that everything was in order we checked the level of the van and sure enough it’s one of those fridges that likes life to be on the level…absolutely and perfectly level to run on gas. Problem solved.

iphone Spirit Level

Remember when you haven’t got a spirit level your iphone has an accurate and rather handy spirit level on the 2nd page of the compass app.

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