A bevi @ the Kevi

One of our favourite watering holes is the historic Kevington Hotel (aka the Kevington Hilton) at Kevington in Victoria’s high country. Situated on a bend of the winding road that follows the wild Goulburn River ‘The Kevi’ is a welcome sight for the weary traveller.

The front bar is a treat, adorned with gold rush photos of days gone by and once neighbouring valley hotels that have succumbed to fire. This is an area popular with deer hunters and on the wall hangs the head of a magnificent deer that wasn’t shot but the victim of a road accident not far from here.

Behind the bar is the pub’s surprise, a charming and cosy dining room where the pub fare is guaranteed to be delicious.

Out back under the tall poplars is a fine deck overlooking the Goulburn River. The pub was once known as the Poplar Hotel. In fact, the pub has been here since 1862 so one has to wonder how old those trees are. Anyway, the deck is a delightful spot to while away a warm afternoon.

Accommodation is available in rooms and a shady lawn is set aside for caravanners who wish to stay over and enjoy the hospitality.

You’ll find the Kevington Hotel on the Mansfield – Woods Point Rd at Kevington, Vic.

Old world dining room at the Kevington
Oh OK, if he’s cute!

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