Oh, oh, oh

Nov 2018

We service our van annually and after the last service we arrived home particularly tired and gave up trying to reverse park the van straight in the back yard. This morning we paid the price for being lackadaisical (now there’s a word I’ll bet you haven’t heard in a while). We forgot to lift one back leg that was close to the fence. As we drove away, the by then dragging leg jammed tight on the steepest part of the driveway.

Bearing in mind that the van was on quite a slope Woody jacked the van up with the Trail a Mate jack to free the leg and lock it in its rightful place, folded up underneath the van.

Me, well I was wringing my hands and pacing, convinced that we would have one of those mishaps that you see on TV emergency shows and both end up in the bloody hospital and trying to explain our stupidity.

If you’re not familiar with these things, it’s a van leg and when travelling it swings up and locks out of the way.

12 thoughts on “Oh, oh, oh

  1. Oops, we’ve (my husband!) accidentally pulled the bumper away from the back of our van when he was pulling it out of our driveway once. It is parked in a tight spot between a fence and a pergola so not much wriggle room. Turned a little too sharply on this occasion and snagged it on a retaining wall concrete sleeper. That’s the last time I think he’s turned down my offer to help guide in and out of the driveway.


    1. A similar thing happened to friends of ours. She was guiding him back via the camera and audio which he had turned down. When he scraped the side of the new van against a ti tree, wrecking one panel she said “so what part of STOP didn’t you understand?” Caravanning is so much fun.

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  2. So easy for these things to happen when you’re tired isn’t it? And they often seem a real disaster at the time but hopefully you can laugh about it afterwards.


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