Improve your ‘on the road’ reading with Kindle and BookBub

When you’re conscious of space and weight books can be a problem. Not so with a Kindle. You can have hundreds if not thousands of books loaded on your Kindle and ready to entertain you. And reading books on your Kindle is much cheaper than buying printed books. Though I must admit you can’t really exchange Kindles in park laundries.

Conserving power is a consideration when freedom camping but if you have a Kindle that isn’t backlit (ie. The screen doesn’t light up) then you can happily read for weeks without needing to recharge the device. A small battery powered book light will allow you to read at night without waking your travelling companions.

BookBub is a handy concept. You give them the genres that you are interested in and they will send you a daily email of Amazon specials for your preferences. The books on offer can be free or as little as a few dollars. Where’s the catch? Often these are offerings from new authors or lesser known authors. Still not convinced? I’ve been using Bookbub for a couple of years now and I find that my reading has become much more varied and interesting. I’m not stuck in the rut of reading the same old story lines where only the names or locations have changed. You know the ones, where the immortal hero always kills the baddies and gets the girl etc.

By the way this is not a paid advertisement for these products, I just like them and they work.IMG-0006

11 thoughts on “Improve your ‘on the road’ reading with Kindle and BookBub

  1. Having an e-reader has made a terrific difference to my travelling times. No more haunting used books shops or begging local libraries to let me borrow books. Now I just download a heap from my local library and have three weeks to read them. Bliss!

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  2. I love the ease of returning an e-book! Australian public libraries offer free e-books and e-audios through BorrowBox and OverDrive. And free e-magazines via RBdigital. Once you join a library, you can download on most devices anywhere anytime. I sync books on my reader and phone 🙂

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  3. My books were the hardest thing to part with when we went on wheels full time. As you say, though, for weight and space saving, an eReader is the Biz!

    It is interesting that you use Book Bub. I had never heard of them until I started authoring and they keep wanting to promote my books. Perhaps it might be worthwhile…!

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