Two Worlds

Here’s one from an earlier encounter

This morning I read a quote from Margy on ‘Fueled by Chocolate‘ which reminded me that yesterday I found a Huntsman spider (about the size of my palm) sitting on our caravan tidy bin. I quickly raced him outside and left him to scamper across the Whorouly grass. “I wish you’d kill those things!” said a wary Woody.

“Under our floor,

spider families.

Two worlds an inch apart.” – Mike Garofalo

On reading that quote this morning I suddenly remembered the spider that Woody tried to kill in Lake Bolac last November and whose body I had never found. The thought makes me go cold and when Woody reads this I’m sure he’ll shudder. So go forth spider and enjoy Whorouly as you’ve had a long journey to get here.

Footnote: A rough estimation would be that this fellow has visited New South Wales, Victoria and the Australian Capital Territory, a total of approximately 2293kms since November.


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