Mar 2019, Toora, Vic

Toora Wind Farm was one of the first commercial wind farms to be built in Victoria, back in 2001. Camped at Toora Tourist Park just down the hill, try as I might I just couldn’t see all twelve of the turbines. Yet they are 67 metres tall and their powerful rotors are 66 metres across. I have often wondered why people complain about the noise of wind turbines until now. Ours being the closest van to the wind farm, on breezy nights the loud rhythmic swooshing was hard to ignore and sounded much the same as an ultrasound of your heart does (without of course the weird imaging).

But who am I to complain? Our mates could barely hear it, Woody with his fading hearing slept like a baby and the wind farm produces enough of the good stuff to power 6,600 homes!

That’s big alright.
A wonderful view of Corner Inlet from Silcocks Hill Road, Toora, Vic

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