RIP Gabbi Garmin

Our trusty GPS has packed it in! Gone to God! Carked it! Turned up her toes and faded to grey!

As much as I love a good map and could while away many hours reading a map, any map, we are missing Gabbi Garmin awfully, her nagging and of course her satellite capabilities when we haven’t got a phone signal. Her creative directing that once sent us into the middle of some poor farmer’s sugar cane field out the back of Mackay while sheets of rain thumped down and she shouted at us to “Do a U turn when possible!”.

Then there was the trip when we decided to change her voice to Australian rather than English and we kept jumping because we thought that there was a strange Aussie sheila in the back seat.

We miss her ability to loudly interrupt phone calls and important long drive conversations, like where country singer Kasey Chambers has her body piercings.

Yes, Mrs Google comes in a very poor second. We miss you Gabbi Garmin you were the best back seat driver that anyone could wish for.

Gabbi Garmin
Scratched and battered and faded to grey, she served us well for a hundred thousand K.

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