Mar 2019, somewhere in South Eastern NSW

Just before Eden a lyrebird scoots across the highway in front of us. A whoosh of brown with his magnificent long tail trailing behind. That’s four that we’ve now seen in our caravanning travels and all too fast to be photographed. Elusive, is the best description for those little buggers. But even more curious is the fact that they can mimic many other sounds so if you hear a chainsaw in the bush it just might be a cheeky lyrebird exercising his vocal cords.

Image source: By Fir0002 – Own work, GFDL 1.2,


9 thoughts on “Lyrebirds

  1. Visiting the Hartz Caves in southern Tasmania, we commented on the busy chain sawing happening near the track from car park to entrance. But could see no people where the noise wwas coming from – was lyrebird. Uncannily real. Another mimic can be the butcherbird – if you hear a phone ringing out in the wilds……..And a hint for finsing a cassowary – go walking on the tracks around Mission Beach where they say you might see same. After battling rain, leeches, tripping on stray tree roots and finding only cassowary poo, return to car park – there will be bird!


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