And the winner is…Wild Rye

Mar 2019, Pambula, NSW

We stop at Pambula, NSW as El Prado has heard that there is a good pie shop here. A pretty good reason to stop I’d say.

Wild Rye bakers and coffee roasters are amazing and everything that we buy, bread, cakes and freshly roasted coffee beans to top up our travelling supplies is delicious. Toothless tucks into a Cauliflower and Blue Cheese Pie. I’m not sure if this is breakfast or morning tea but Woody and I choose to share an Almond Croissant which shoots to the top of our Almond Croissant leader board, yes, we’re in a lifelong search for the perfect Almond Croissant and I think we’ve just found it.

My apologies for not photographing the food but we ate it!

Wild Rye, bakery and coffee roaster at Pambula, NSW

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