Bring back the Mad Men

Mar 2019, Canberra, ACT

We tour the Canberra suburbs and have difficulty with the unusual advertising restrictions, that we later find out have been in place since 1937. Dickson is near to where we are staying and we quickly learn that when a sign says ‘Shops’ one must park the car and walk around said shops to find the shop or supermarket that you are looking for and that the brand of the supermarket might only be displayed inside the building. “Oh look, that one is green it must be a Woolworths.” As this is a ‘walking city’ don’t expect to get a park out front. Dickson has a lot of Asian restaurants. Canberra city centre is busy and the population young. Kingston and Manuka are well worth a walk. I have a strong feeling that I’m in a different country, it’s not unpleasant, it just has an entirely different feel and I guess a lot of that feel is due to the lack of advertising.

That’s not Macca’s, it’s Parliament House!

7 thoughts on “Bring back the Mad Men

  1. Thank you for the informative interesting tour of Canberra and it advertises ways. We had Blue laws at one time, nothing could be sold on Sunday. Imagine that now the merchants would go crazy. Best wishes to you folks down there Gods land.


    1. It’s a fascinating city. Almost an experiment as it is a purpose built capital constructed in modern times to the design of an American architect. As we hadn’t visited for about 18 years we were surprised on this visit as it has a different feel to other Australian cities, mind you they are all quite different. But Canberra has a feeling of ‘somewhere else’ perhaps we added too many politicians to the recipe.


  2. We house sat in Dickson and loved the area, especially the fact that they couldn’t put up front fences giving the area an open friend,y feel. And cats had to be registered and restrained on their properties


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