Australian War Memorial

Mar 2019, Canberra, ACT

We brace ourselves for a visit to the war memorial. Dominating the landscape, it is a truly magnificent building. The displays so moving that we are both reduced to tears.

Having spent a lot of time researching ancestors over the past few years I find that I can’t help but remember relatives and friends who have taken part in many of the battles depicted. Gallipoli, The Somme, World War Two and the Australian spitfire squadrons*, Vietnam, Afghanistan the list goes on. So many wars, so many significant battles. There are simulators of a Lancaster bomber over Germany and of HMAS Brisbane at sea off the coast of Vietnam. We leave emotionally exhausted. That’s enough sightseeing for one day.

*Just prior to this trip I finished reading a book called “Ready to Strike” – The Spitfires and Australians of 453 (RAAF) Squadron over Normandy by Adam Lunney. A dear friend of ours was a pilot in the 453 Squadron and he often related humorous stories of his time as a pilot. This book filled in the gaps for us.

Without a doubt everyone who fights for their country is a hero, Jack, you were a legend.

Lest We Forget

Australian War Memorial, Canberra

6 thoughts on “Australian War Memorial

  1. Now the War Memorial really is a reason to visit Canberra. I love the ANZAC memorials at Albany, but in Canberra there would be so much more. Lovely post, thanks.


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