Of tears and cheese

Aug 2018, Maryborough, Qld

We’re having a rather social time in Maryborough catching up with ‘on the road’ friends, with family and others who’ve decided to put down roots at nearby Hervey Bay. Short on time Woody races into the supermarket to buy Happy Hour food (cheese, bikkies, salami and the like) and I take a brief opportunity to do a speed tour of the new Anzac memorial which is handily located opposite the Woolworths supermarket.

By the time we meet back at the car he has a bag full of goodies and I’m mopping up tears. It is indeed a moving memorial of the Gallipoli campaign with the added dimension of the haunting soundtrack of a Maori male choir.

Turkish shrapnel Anzac memorial Maryborough, Qld
Replica Anzac Cove landing boat, Anzac memorial Maryborough, Qld
Anzac memorial Maryborough, Qld

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