All hail the humble chook!

Are you absolutely stuffed after a long day of driving? Then why not pick up a chook.

Costing somewhere between $7 and $10 there’s nothing better than a hot roast chook picked up from a supermarket as you’re passing through town. It serves as an easy dinner on a day of long driving and hopefully with enough left over for a quick sandwich for next day’s lunch. Toss a bag of coleslaw into your trolley and dinner’s done.

Yep, that’ll make hubby reckon that he’s married the kitchen goddess of the scrub.

Hot chooks
Just grab ’em all and feed the whole camp!

11 thoughts on “All hail the humble chook!

  1. Ohh yes! BBQ chook on the road is a lifesaver! We usually get a tub of coleslaw and some fresh rolls, perfect dinner. Back when we tented with our young family, that was always our dinner on night 1 after setting up camp. Best chook we’ve had on the road: York ,WA IGA


  2. Cooked chooks and packaged coleslaw are essential when travelling across the WA or SA border. We can usually manage without any waste to dispose of with a chook, coleslaw, bread and mayo, and a couple of apples.


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